Tuesday Packets

Every Tuesday a manila folder is sent home with your child with important classroom and school-wide information.  Parent volunteers stuff these folders each week and are coordinated by the Room Parents.

Have an item for the TUESDAY PACKETS?

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Please submit the flyer to Principal Staci Low for approval.
  • To give 1 copy for each STUDENT, please provide 652 copies and sort 22 stacks of 22 flyers (K-4th) and 6 stacks of 28 flyers (5th & 6th)
  • To give 1 copy to each FAMILY, please provide 498 copies and sort 22 stacks of 15 flyers (K-4th) and 6 stacks of 28 flyers (5th & 6th)
  • For gender specific flyers, please provide 325 flyers for each gender.
  • Please label the stack to indicate who should get the flyers. For example, "ALL", or "Mustang only", and indicate which grades it should be given to. For example, " K-6, Mustang only", or "5th-6th ALL"

Please drop these off at the Bowie office no later than 7:50 Tuesday morning.

For questions, please contact tuesdaypackets@jamesbowiepta.org.